Full customs service

Full customs service

The Customs Agency KRAK SPED LTD has offered complex customs service on the highest level for over 15 years, not only for big enterprises, but also for individuals. When importing and exporting goods, we prepare all necessary documents for the customs office express.

Representation by the customs authorities

We offer service in representation, which is in appearing in the name and in favour of individuals and economic entities by the customs authorities. The service includes:

  • preparing all the necessary documents,
  • making customs applications,
  • settling customs charge,
  • appealing for cancellation, and performing other applications which are considered by the customs authorities,
  • collecting documents,
  • appearing in the name and in favour of the client in any proceedings conducted by the customs authorities, such as: applying for receiving permissions, cancelling proceedings, etc.

Preparation of full documentation for the customs

We offer a service of preparing a complete documentation for customs in all procedures and destinations determined by the Customs Code. The service may include the preparation of the necessary documents alone, or together with the activities connected with providing them for the customs authorities.

Advising in the customs matters

We want to share our long-term experience with you. Therefore, we offer specialised advice connected with current customs, help with receiving permissions, training of personnel in the matters of customs regulations and preparation of documentation, and also all issues connected with matters concerning the trade of merchandise abroad. For regular customers, most of the above mentioned service is free of charge.
Since the range and conditions of the advising service must be settled individually, it is preferable that the interested companies contact our representative.

Ensuring customs charge

Our customs agency offers own guarantees for the customs charge in the procedures of allowing trade and transit (T-1, T-2). To receive more information and specific conditions of using the guarantee, please contact out representative.

Conducting the reckoning from the realisation of economic procedures

We offer detailed reckoning and balance sheets required by the customs office, for example: connected with the realisation of economic procedures. The service may be provided as an element of a complex customs service, or independently.