Simplified procedures

Simplified procedures

The simplified procedures realised by us allow for:

1. Considerably faster realisation of the customs, since:

  • the documents for the customs are prepared soon before the merchandise leaves (provided that the customs is noticed),
  • the Customs Office is legally obliged to give a decision concerning the customs in time not longer than 1 hour.

2. Undergoing customs in the prolonged hours, such as: export for 24 hours, 7 days a week, import up to 18:00 on week-days, and up to 14:00 on Saturdays, is possible after individual agreement.

Possibilities of realisation

We offer the realisation of customs with the use of the simplified procedures in the following situations:

  • allowing the merchandise to trade (import),
  • export of the merchandise.

The conditions for the realisation of the simplified procedures:

  • they are realised on the basis of the permission from the Customs Agency KRAK SPED LTD, therefore, the client does not need their own permission to use the simplified procedures,
  • the representation in the simplified procedures is provided on the basis of indirect permission from the representation by the Customs Office,
  • in the case of import customs, in the simplified procedure, it is necessary to make a written agreement concerning this service.